Nominator Pty. Ltd. is authorised by the Minister to act as an Authorised Nominating Authority in accordance with the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 and as such may appoint Adjudicators for the purpose of the Act.

Nominator Pty. Ltd. further provides a full range of services as an Authorised Nominating Authority which include:

  • Acting in the role of an Authorised Nominating Authority and providing information relating to the Act and the provisions and requirements of the Act.
  • The receiving and processing of Adjudication Applications.
  • The appointment of  suitable Adjudicators to determine Adjudication Applications
  • The issuing of Adjudication Certificates
  • The time and cost effective professional management of processing of claims under the South Australian Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009

Why choose Nominator Pty. Ltd. when you need an Authorised Nominating Authority

  • Service – Prompt professional services are provided to all levels of the Building and Construction industries. Nominator have the experience and understanding of the requirements and processes of contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, professionals and Government and Semi Government bodies to ensure claims and appropriate payments are adjudicated and processed quickly and fairly.
  • Smooth efficient processes – Nominator has administration processes and online support systems that simplify and assist each step of the way to resolving a problem   from the initial step of making an enquiry and Adjudication Application through to the processing and tracking of a determination and ensuring payments are made.
  • Quality Adjudicators – Handpicked industry professionals with many years of experience in the fields of Building, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Works, Contract Management, Project Management, Cost Management and Law supported through direct involvement with numerous projects of all sizes and complexities.
  • Cost Competitive – with our panel of handpicked Adjudicators Nominator provides a true value for money service, supported by our goal that “We sell a service not hours”.
  • South Australian – The first true South Australian based and owned Authorised Nominating Authority that employs all South Australian personnel including South Australian based and trained Adjudicators.  Who else knows the local Industry as well as a South Australian and importantly any money stays in South Australia.