Nominator Pty. Ltd. fees are flexible rather than fixed, dependent on circumstances and the work that will be required. Fees structures may include options such as:

  • Standard fees based on the current Company schedule of rates calculated on an hourly basis.  (See current Standard Fee schedule below)
  • Fixed agreed fee  (as may be pre agreed in writing prior to lodgement of an Application for Adjudication)
  • Flexible fee basis with fixed and flexible components  (as may be pre agreed in writing prior to the lodgement of an Adjudication Application)
  • Special circumstances where Nominator Pty. Ltd. may agree in writing to process an Adjudication Application and Adjudication on a pro bono basis.

While other Authorised Nominating Authorities may charge no fee to lodge an application it is unavoidable that the costs incurred by an Authorised Nominating Authority will need to be met either through administration charges or increased Adjudicator Costs. At some stage someone will have to pay for the services, unless it has been agreed that the work will be undertaken totally free of charge. Please be aware of these hidden costs and don’t choose an Authorised Nominating Authority purely on cost.

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009  makes provision for an Adjudicator’s fees and expenses to be equally shared between the claimant and the respondent but also makes provisions for the Adjudicator to vary the equal proportions as they may determine. Dependent on the Adjudicator’s determination the Adjudicator’s fees may vary from zero to 100% for either party.
Our staff will be happy to discuss fees and options during our obligation free initial consultation.

Standard Fee Schedule (current as at 27th March 2012).

Nominator Pty. Ltd. Application and Administration Fees

  1. $1,320 for an Adjudication Application
    amount above $200,000.
  2. $440 for an Adjudication Application
    for amounts between $50,000 and $200,000.
  3. $220 for an Adjudication Application
    for amounts between $5,000 and $50,000.
  4. $110 for an Adjudication Application
    for amounts below $5,000.
  5. $605 for Supply of Adjudication Certificate

Nominator Pty. Ltd.  Adjudicator Fees.

  1. 1st Tier Adjudicators – $462 per hour
  2. 2nd Tier Adjudicators – $264 per hour
  3. 3rd Tier Adjudicators – $209 per hour
  4. Adjudicator administration costs $71.50 per hour
  5. Adjudicator disbursements will be charged at cost plus a 10% Administration Fee

All the above fees are GST inclusive.